foto DrillWood is one of the oldest building materials of mankind and is used in various buildings and structures. Wood is a renewable resource, environmental friendly and presents a special atmosphere. The trend towards wooden materials for building constructions has increased for a great number in recent years. Wood is characterized by its biological origin. It becomes a perishable material that is highly susceptible to environmental factors such as fungi, moisture and insects. Detection of damages to wooden structures, identification of the causes and documentation are a part of my profession and include mainly historical buildings, frame houses, wooden bridges, halls or wooden playground equipment. A fundamental investigation of the wooden structure before renovation is absolutely necessary to prevent surprises and incalculable costs during the renovation process.

Having worked for a number of years with an engineering team of Frank Rinn and his RINNTECH company in Heidelberg I have aquired an extensive knowledge in wood investigations. Mr. Frank Rinn has also developed the Resistograph® which is a main tool for the examination of interior damages to wooden materials. As a customer you will benefit from my extensive experience to locate and determine the causes of wood deterioration, its analysis and detailed documentations provided for customer satisfaction.

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